Welcome and enjoy yourself discovering this webspace.

I'm Sarah, an independent artist.

I work as a singer and performer, as well as a drawing artist. Have a look at my art prints if you like.

If you have any questions, would like to make a booking, or order a customized drawing, don't hesitate to contact me.

I am delighted to receive your request.




 embrace your nature


 Let us UNFOLD ourselves every day.

Honor yourselves. Love yourselves. Be brave.

Immerse into your sacred femininity and find your truth.

Align your cycle to the moon. Be wild. Delve into your feminine essence and unleash your supreme potential. 

For inspiration, growth and for a love of words,

I created the following Instagram account:


 two and the moon

Along with my partner, I am currently traveling Europe for one year in an old and tiny motorhome . 

Everyday we are learning so much about our lives and about the society we grew up in, about the values it taught us and mostly, about how we want to see things differently.

 Everyday we are redefining our values and what part we want to play in this beautiful space that is our planet. 

Since we are both musicians, we are busking on the streets to get by, sharing our love and passion for music.


Follow us and get inspired.

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